Rally days are held on the second Sunday of each month at the Woady Yaloak Equestrian Centre, Smythesdale.

Membership includes two free lessons per rally. If you want a third lesson it costs extra and depends on availability. Most months there is a choice of flat lessons, grid, show jumping and cross country.

Instruction groups will usually consist of no more than four riders and fewer when the situation allows. Where possible combinations of similar ability will be grouped together.

All bookings will open two weeks prior to the rally via the SARC Facebook page and close the Sunday before the rally.   Bookings can be made by contacting the rally co-ordinators via email, text, or FB message. Please Asterix your preferred lesson ( you get two each rally and your first preference will be noted).

On rally days, riders are encouraged to bring a plate to share at lunchtime in the clubhouse. Riders may help themselves to tea and coffee during the course of the day.

Upon arrival at the grounds and after attending to the needs of their horse(s), riders are requested to confirm their lesson time(s), enter their name and emergency contact details for that day in the attendance book in the clubhouse and to assist in setting up the arenas and jumping equipment.

On rally days we use the lower car park. The reserve gates are to be closed at all times after entering and exiting the reserve in the interests of safety for both horses and riders.

In order to ride at rallies riders must be financial members of Smythesdale Adult Riders Club Inc. Riders must wear appropriate riding boots ( Bluntstone boots are not acceptable), riding helmets,  and medical armbands at all times when mounted. Club uniforms may be worn at rallies.

Helmet Standards are as follows.

AS/NZS 3838 (Australian Standard)     VG1 (Interim European Standard)

ASTM F 1163 ( US Standard )                  PAS 015 ( UK Standard )

EN/1384 ( Outgoing European Standard ) – Only permitted for helmets manufactured prior to 2016

Members riding on the day are also expected to assist in the packing up of the arenas and jumping equipment at the conclusion of the rally. On the rally plan there will be two allotted club members per month to assist with the packing up of this equipment. Please respect the roster and fulfil your duties when required. cropped-cropped-janelle-and-sir-eskimo-joe.jpg

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