2021 – 2022 Committee


President:    Annieka Paridaen
Treasurer: Michelle Oliver
Secretary/ Public Officer: Alex Rousset

Life Member

Elizabeth Sayers

Ordinary Members:

Committee Member: Jenni Allen
Committee Member:  Megan O’Rourke
Committee Member:   Janelle Miller
Committee Member: Nola Poulter

Committee Member: Rachael Feely

Committee Member:  Jess Harrison
Committee Member Suzie Cranage

Other Positions:

Club Website and Facebook Page Administrators: Tracy Finlayson, Jenni Allen

WYEC COM Representatives: Jenni Allen and Annieka Paridaen

GSDS Committee Representatives:  Michelle Oliver, Barbara Whitfield

New Member Liaison: Annieka Paridaen

OHS Co-ordinator and equipment manager:

Rally Planner: Rachael Feely

Rally Co-ordinator:

Grants Co-Ordinator:

Volunteer Co-Ordinator: Sally White

Sponsorship Co-Ordinator:

First Aid Person:  TBC

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