Code of Conduct

As we have quite a few new members this year , we thought it an opportune time to remind our members of our required club code of conduct and our club rules, procedures and policies that must be adhered to , including those required in use of the WYEC grounds…

SARC (Smythesdale Adult Riders Club Inc. Association) members must adhere to the following code of conduct, procedures and policies. Including at the WYEC grounds (Golden Plains Shire Council), or when representing SARC elsewhere. As per, but not limited to the following :
  • SARC membership must be current to be able to able to ride at SARC rallies or any official HRCAV event, including having signed the HRCAV annual membership disclaimer statement.
  • It is a member’s responsibility to check that their membership card has been signed and stamped for the current HRCAV year.
  • It is a condition of joining that each member provides assistance in at least 2 events/working bees that SARC run.  Support from every member ensures that the workload is spread more evenly and that we are united as a club.
  • It is also expected that members who attend the monthly rallies assist with either setup or pack up of equipment and/or clean up of the club rooms.
  • When riding a horse, wear an Australian approved safety helmet, boots and correct horse equipment
  • Code of conduct between club members: Abuse or intimidation by one member of the club towards another will not be tolerated. All members regardless of their station within the framework of the club , will treat each other with dignity and respect. Any complaints regarding individuals breaching the clubs code of conduct will be given in writing to the club. The procedure outlined in the SARC inc. rules, clause 8 (disputes and mediation), will then be followed.
  • No member has the right to use the clubs name in correspondence or contact with official bodies , without permission from the club. Authorization to be given via a club meeting and only from a club official
  • Riding members are requested to wear the club coloured Maroon polo shirt on Rally days and events run by the club.
  • During a rally, in the case of lameness in a horse, an instructor can ask the rider to cease participation in a lesson
  • Horses are not to be ‘hard tied’ directly to floats
  • Non riding members and spectators , during a rally, not to be on the oval / cross country course, except with the permission of a SARC committee member or instructor.
  • Riders on horses accessing the oval, should do so via the side gate near the start of the cross country course and not up through the car park next to the SARC used club room building
  • Gates to WYEC are to kept closed at all times , except during the process of entering/exiting , to/from , the grounds
  • Sign into the registration book at the start of each rally, completing all columns asking for information
  • Know where the first aid kits for both human and horse are stationed during rally days
  • In the event of first aid products being used for a horse, the owner will be responsible for replacement of the articles used
  • Know where the keys for the first aid room are located during rally days
  • Know who the people are that are holding a current first aid certificate
  • Know where the incident report forms are located and complete as required
  • Know the emergency Ambulance, Police and Fire phone number
  • Any damage to the WYEC facilities must be reported to the SARC President, Vice President , Secretary or Treasurer , immediately
  • All manure is to be collected from the WYEC yard or yards that you use and is to be placed in the manure collection areas provided.
  • At the WYEC grounds, children under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 18 years.
  • Any jumps used on the WYEC cross country course must be checked prior to use.
  • Before consumption of Liquor on the WYEC grounds , must apply to the Police Licensing Sargent at the relevant local Police Station
  • Any motor vehicle parked in the confines of the WYEC facility is entirely at the owner’s risk. SARC, WYEC and the Golden Plains Shire Council accept no responsibility for any theft or damage thereto.
  • Vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas only at the WYEC grounds
  • Smoking is prohibited in all Council Facilities

Thanks and Best Regards, The SARC Committee of Management.

For and on Behalf of Smythesdale Adult Riders Club Inc.